Software Projects

Software/Web Development

Active Development


Hammeroth is a text-based browser kingdom simulator where players can create a realm, grow their cities to form counties and dukedoms, and grow in strength to form alliances with other realms for global domination.

Technology: .NET Core 2.0 with C#, Razor HTML, VueJS – Private Repo


TriDungeons was created with inspiration from the NES classic Legend of Zelda to create a topdown dungeon crawler with many elements borrowed from the title.

Technology: Mono (.NET 4.6 target) with C#, Unity3D Engine – Bitbucket

An exploratory project into the realm of Discord. This was a experimental project aimed at learning the Discord API as well as practice with asynchronous programming.

Technology: .NET Core 2.0 with C# – Github

Inactive Development


Another exploratory project to advance into area of Windows desktop GUI programming (despite WPF being abandoned for UWP). This project was created to solve a problem of a raffle draw for a Minecraft SMP community. This software would accept a JSON file conaining the UUIDs of players and how often they vote, print out their UUIDs on a line for each vote, then use Random to choose a line in the file to select the winner.

Technology: .NET 4.7.2 / WPF with C# – Github